5 Disney Crossy Road Enemies You Should Avoid

In Disney Crossy Road, there are enemies aside from obstacles. Obstacles are also enemies. To give you an idea of what you should avoid while playing, here is a list sent to us by Crossy Road Secrets:

1. Black Cab

This enemy looks similar to the Taxi. It is black in color but it has a distinct orange strip above it, as opposed to the taxi which is white and yellow in color. This black cab can only be seen if the player is using an Irish or English mascot. What it could do to the player is to squash it in an instant.

2. Blue Truck

Seeing a blue truck is common in Disney Crossy Road. They may be seen on roads and they often just appear in their lanes. Being in contact with the Blue Truck instantly kills the mascot. A strategy to avoid these is to sprint across them or just wait until roads are empty.

3. Cars

Cars are common obstacles, therefore common enemies in Disney Crossy Road. They only appear on roads and seeing them is common. They could also immediately kill a mascot upon impact. There is a wide variety of cars. Among them are the blue car, green car, orange car, purple car, police car, race car, taxi, double decker bus, black cab, Korean mini cars, and Korean supply trucks.

4. Crocodile

The crocodile is an aquatic enemy. It only appears when the mascot being used is Australian. Crocodiles seemingly appear as real life crocodiles. They have green bodies and their teeth are visible. They also have spikes just behind their backs. They are made of three parts: head, body, tail. Crocodiles may also serve as logs where the mascot could jump on. Just remember to avoid the head or else, it will eat you instantly.

5. Eagle

The eagle is one solid enemy in the game. The character is non-playable. It looks like a bald eagle with a brown body and white head. This eagle is huge and can pick up its enemies in an instant. Just make sure you don’t go idle for too long, or else, the Eagle won’t hesitate to pick you up and in turn, this could end your run.