Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a set of government subsidy programs that help low income individuals or families find affordable houses, apartments, or shelters. These programs are called different things like public housing, low rent housing, or rental assistance. The government agency; HUD, also known as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, gives funds to cities, counties, states, and businesses for these programs.

People who earn minimum wage most often qualify for some sort of housing assistance. Each state or county has different types of these programs and they have set limits of income for their aide. If the combined income and assets of your family, including the total income of all tenants, is less than the limit then you are eligible.

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To find out if you are eligible call the department of social services for your state or county or go to… where there is a map of the U.S. Click on your state then go to your general area. Once there choose the column for the number of people who will be living in the housing. Within each area there are three rows; one for each set of guidelines. Most programs use the Very Low Income guidelines. Exceptions to this are projects (site-based housing) that were established before 1980 affordable housingwhich uses the low-income limit. The median income is there only to be use as a reference.

Shelter is one of people’s most basic needs but not everyone can afford a safe place to stay so programs are in place to provide assistance. Also provided is information on how to qualify and apply for this help so if you need it contact your local social services representative or visit the above mentioned website to learn how you can go to sleep with a roof over your head.