Best Mobile Games for Kids with Special Needs

Computer technology has always been a major force in support of children with disabilities. Kids with developmental delays, alternative learning requirements, and other special needs can improve their life skills through the use of specialized technology. They can communicate better with family and caregivers. They can achieve a higher level of independence and self-direction. The recent proliferation of mobile devices and educational apps has increased the benefits.

Finding the apps that are best for your child can be a daunting task. There is no recognized industry standard for evaluating them. It’s important to pick the apps that address your child’s special needs. Below are some of the best-rated apps by diagnosis:

Assistive Communication Apps


ProloQuo2Go is a communication app that promotes language development through the use of symbols. It develops better communication skills. It is used by professional speech therapists. Designed for children with a variety of diagnoses, including Down syndrome, autism, and stroke. For iOS devices. $219.99.

Alexicom AAC for Android

Endorsed by Alexicom AAC lets your child use her phone or tablet as a communication device. It contains more than 7000 images and 1200 pre-made pages in its public libraries. For Android devices. Two versions, $40 and Free.

Visual Schedules Apps

Choiceworks Social Behavior and Scheduling App

This app helps improve communication between children and caregivers. The easy-to-use format integrates pictures and selections. Kids can improve their social skills, learn self-control, cultivate greater independence, develop a higher threshold for patience and complete daily routines. For iOS devices. $6.99.

Visual Routine

This app can help with a child’s sequential memory and time management skills. Using pictures and/or words, your child can create visual agendas. It helps kids with developmental delays be better prepared for transitions. It also helps them remember responsibilities. For iOS devices. $4.99.

Social Cues Apps

Hidden Curriculum for Kids

This app supplies common examples of everyday unwritten social rules. Kids can explore these ideas in an interesting and non-threatening way. It is a practical and interactive resource. Great for kids on the autism spectrum. For iOS device. $1.99.


This app has a fun and easy-to-use interface. It encourages Autistic children to express their emotions while engaging them in interactive games. For both iOS and Android devices. $1.99.

Social Skill Builder

This interactive video app teaches important language, social thinking, and behavior skills. Kids learn problem-solving, friendship and life skills, consequences, and critical thinking. For iOS devices. $2.99.
Language Apps

Speech with Milo

This is a series of apps, each specializing in a particular area of language, i.e. Verbs, Nouns or Sequencing. Milo the Mouse demonstrates a variety of actions or items such as ‘run’ and ‘ball’. Created for children with delayed language skills by a licensed speech-language pathologist. For iOS devices. $2.99.

Splingo’s Language Universe

Children can practice their language and listening skills by interacting with the on-screen images. They can follow along with Splingo the Alien’s spoken instructions. The skills are customizable. For both iOS and Android devices. $2.99.

All children deserve the best we parents and educators can give them. With the help of apps designed to service the special needs community, we can ensure that our extraordinary non-neurotypical kids can be their very best.