Dog The Santa Barbara City Council?

With phrases like; “one leader has been groomed to lead”, and “ it’s time to let common sense off the leash”, an unlikely contender has been introduced in to the arena of politics. This candidate is unlike those who have came before him and instead of kissing babies he prefers to sniff rear ends. It’s Woody; a black Labrador retriever who is running for a spot on the Santa Barbara City Council.

Of course the whole campaign is a spoof. The film that announced Woody’s intention to run was made by a company called Created in SB; a production company in Santa Barbra. One of the film’s creators; Brian Peddicord told Central Coast News that he was inspired by actual campaign commercials from individuals running for office in the fall and wanted to make a parody of them. He used Woody; a dog belonging to a friend of his, as the star. The intention of the video was to have a laugh and draw peoples’ attention to his santa barbara city councilcompany; Created in SB which is meant to “ give people a local’s perspective on our community” through his work with digital video and photography. Created in SB also has a website at  and they have a Facebook page. The company can be reached by phone at (805) 689-8904 and by e-mail at [email protected]. The video was also produced by Josh Rosenkrantz and is available for viewing on Youtube.

Created in SB also did a follow up video. It was an attack ad on Woody for being publicly drunk, relieving himself on other people’s yards, and being repeatedly sprayed by a skunk. The ad, which is on Youtube as well, was supposedly by a group supporting a cat named Pumpkin who’s also running for city council.