Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Strike Gift Mode

Mobile Strike is an amazing game full of action and entertainment. If you want to have a lot of fun, you have to play Mobile Strike as soon as you can. This strategy video game will allow you to have a blast in no time within an epic war that will make you laugh right away down the road.

Gift Mode

So we are going to talk a little bit about the Gift Mode in this amazing game. By using the Gift Mode as featured in MobileStrikeHack.co, you will able to give a lot of things to other players. And you cannot gift any item from the “my items” inventory in any way, as the items that you give someone must be brand new. Did you catch my drift? I hope that you understand this part of this stuff. You have to pick up someone`s profile to give someone something, and then you will see the Gift Button.

Selecting Items

Now all you have to do tapping on someone`s gift button, and that`s it. You need to unlock the Gift Mode if you want to take advantage of this kind of mode as soon as possible. If you see an item with the Gift Mode icon, you will be able to purchase the item. The cost of the packages will depend on the amount of money that you have spent on this game before, which might range from twenty dollars to a hundred dollars. However, you should not expect to get an item below $20 as this situation is rare.

Tier System

Mobile Strike uses a tier system in both its promotional packages and money stores. The tier system will make your existing items more expensive, and you will start seeing $100 promotional packages when you start buying promotional packages and items down the road. So you should not buy other packages if you want to get gift-mode farm accounts down the road. So you should get the Full Auto Mode if you plan to spend as little money as possible on this game, and you should avoid the Gift Mode as much as you can over time too.

As you can see, the Gift Mode in Mobile Strike is very useful if you want to spend some money on this game. However, you need to think about certain things when using the Gift Mode in this amazing game. For instance, your existing items will be more expensive when you start to buy new items.