Getting Your Children Back from Social Workers (Child Services) in Sims Freeplay

Did your Sims FreePlay character go out for a night on the town and forget to call a babysitter for the baby or toddler in household, only to find out a Social Worker had come and collected the child? That’s it, right? Wrong. There are few cheats you can activate in the game to both prevent the Social Worker from collecting your Sims’ characters kids and retrieving them after they have been taken to Child Services. A very popular cheat being discussed right now in Sims FreePlay is the “testingcheatsenabled True” phrase.

First hit Ctrl+Shift+C, then type the above phrase in the cheat box. Your Sim FreePlay character will then need to call the child and invite them over via telephone. Once the child arrives, hit Shift+Ctrl while clicking on the child and select “Add to Active Household.” This seems to have an extremely high success rate.

If you would rather get rid of the Social Worker all together, try this one out. First, that SIM character does have to make his or her way to your Sims’ house. But upon entering onto the screen, Shift+Click on the character enabling the text box. Use the “testingcheatsenabled True” cheat and click the “Hide all NPCs” button. This will hide all the non playable characters ( hope this article has proved some use for you. We’d love to hear how these cheats worked for you!