New Update Brings Exciting New Features to Clash Royale

Clash Royale has rolled out another update and this time it is all about competition. As reported by the official Clash Royale blog, here are the biggest changes that are going into effect with the new update.

The core of the update is to level the playing field by emphasizing more on skills rather than who has the best combination of cards and decks. To ensure this, the game developers have implemented the caps on the levels for Friendly Battles.

  • Overtime length: 3 minutes
  • Legendary level cap: 1
  • Epic level cap: 3
  • Rare level cap: 6
  • Common level cap: 8
  • King level cap: 8

As you can see, this puts a hard cap on different types of cards, ensuring that skills will be more important to win the battle than card levels. So for all those players who grinded, bought or hacked their way to the time from using tools like Clash Royale Gem Generator. It remains to see how this will shake up the Arenas and competition in general. With lots of cheaters using Clash Royale gem hacks to gain advantage, it would be foolish not to do the same if you are serious about being competitive in CR.

Clash Royale team has also announced that they will be adding a spectator mode for Friendly Battles. This much awaited and request feature is a slick way to watch the battles with slick interfaces and communication options.