Top 8 Mobile Apps to Contribute Positively to Social Issues

With the advancement in mobile phone technology, you will find that there is a mobile app for virtually anything. Some apps are created for entertainment and leisure; others are there to help us save time while others are designed to have positive influence on our lives. In this regard, the following list presents some of the best innovative apps that contribute positively to social issues.

1. Locavore

The Locavore is equipped with the database that enables you to find fresh farm produce by browsing for nearby farms and farmer’s markets, restaurants that serve local food and get updates on what is in-season. This app helps support local farmers and their businesses while at the same time keeping us eat healthy local produce.

2. Instead

This app helps us to make donations to a favorite cause or charity. Specifically, it encourages us to forgo any little purchase (of course which you can do without) and give out the money to a community initiative that is meant to help the needy.

3. Teensafe

Teensafe is meant for parents to monitor their child’s Smartphone as well as view all the activities on social media sites such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Kik Messenger. Parents only need to sign up to this app and then thereafter they can access all of their child’s Smartphone data. In this way, a parent can take corrective measures on a child’s inappropriate usage of the Smartphone.

4. SeeClikFix

With SeeClickFix, one can monitor local issues such as crime and report them to the appropriate authorities. In addition, this app helps users to stay updated on local issues and also discuss community concerns. This app assists to bring citizens and the government together through contributions on how to fix problems within the community.

5. Donation connect

Donation connect is meant to make people participate in charities. The app has a database of several charities where one can scroll and select. When a user taps into the charity, his or her donation is deducted automatically from a pre-paid balance or the donation is charged to the user’s wireless bill.

6. Classics

This great app has more than 23,500 classic novels and nonfiction books. Once you have this app, you no longer have to struggle to go to the library. It is a good app that encourages children to pick up a book to read instead of staying glued to Facebook or Twitter.

7. greenMeter

This app is meant to help reduce user’s carbon footprint. This app estimates to have prevented 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide from getting into the atmosphere. greenMeter gives you real-time reports on your car’s fuel and power usage. This app helps a driver to increase efficiency and reduce costs by adjusting power usage accordingly.

8. All-in Yoga

This app helps users to adopt good wellness habits by practicing yoga with guided meditations and practicing deep breathing exercises. It is equipped with more than 300 photos, audios, music, and videos. The user can either participate in existing programs or can decide o create their own programs.

8. Live happy

This app is developed in such a way that it measures happiness levels in every day activity of the user. Also, it gives recommendations on activities that the user can engage in order to keep smiling all day. Besides, the developers of this app donate part of the sales to the “live your life well program” that help people manage stress.