Women as Sex Symbols in Music Videos

There was a time when a music video was all about fun and exciting dance moves and well choreographed scenes; today however things have changed drastically. Music videos have become extremely open and tolerant when it comes to sexual content. And perhaps one of the most disturbing features in these video is the image that has been given to women. Almost every video has a woman either naked or in skimpy clothes dancing around and being portrayed as nothing more than a sex symbol or object of sexual pleasure.

On one hand our generation speaks very loudly of women equality and respect for women and on the other hand all the latest videos degrade them by presenting them as mere objects for pleasure or a means to sell these music videos – we all know sex sells.

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Who is to blame?
Who is to blame? This is the biggest question today; do we blame the rappers who write lyrics which belittle women or do we blame the choreographers who come up with such concepts or do we blame women themselves?

I as a woman can’t help but blame these women themselves; today even the biggest names in the music industry gladly strip down to nothing and pose as mere sex objects in their own videos. The likes of Beyonce, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera do not shy away from objectifying themselves in their own videos; does this show independence or pure disregard of their status as a women or the fact that these women will resort to even stripping down if it sells their music or videos?

Another most important question is that what kind of a message are they giving to the young girls who idolize them and consider them their icons. These types of music videos only create a vulgar and controversial concept of being “sexy” and “desirable” among young girls. It forces them to consider these girls their intelligence a negative image – something that will not make them desirable, which results in low self esteem and leads to actions that are done purely to please others and attain that image of “sexy” created by almost every hip hop or rap music video.


Another major concern is the image of women these videos are creating in our society; when men are watching women objectifying themselves in these videos then how can we expect men not to do the same. It won’t be wrong to say that these women themselves are teaching men to think about women as nothing more than a “sexy bod”, “booty” or “sex object”. This affects almost all the female members of our society; a guy who likes to watch Rihanna in her element will find it very difficult to address his female colleagues in an appropriate frame of mind.

nickioverratedAnother issue is the image that is created in the minds of young boys who start to think of girls as nothing more than a “sexy” object that is meant to please them. These boys grow up watching these videos and form an extremely negative image of girls in their mind. This helps them to live up to the stereotype of fantasizing “sexy cheerleaders” and aiming for relationships that are devoid of values and based on a wrong perception. Based on a study by American Academy of Pediatrics, such music videos have a very adverse impact on teenagers, making them believe females to be a lesser of the two sexes because of the way these videos treat women as an object instead of a person.

This does not release men from their responsibilities, but the fact that these “superstar women” themselves are contributing in creating a negative image of their gender worldwide can’t be overlooked as well. The question is why are women all around the world fine with this issue and why is it being regarded as just “entertainment”? These music videos are only promoting men as the dominant gender that uses women just for pleasure and satisfaction; did women not fight for centuries to obliterate this concept?